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Success depends on the way you begin

Metro Tunnel – Rail Systems Alliance (RSA)

Our clients need

Alchimie were engaged to work with the CPB / Bombardier team to successfully partner with MTM and RPV to win the Rail Systems Alliance (RSA) Project. The team sought strategic advice and coaching to assist them prepare their winning strategy, and we worked with the team to prepare for all of the interactives with the Owner (RPV and Operator (MTM). Specifically, a core request from our client was to assist the team in being the most collaborative team in the interactive process.

How we added value

Alchimie worked with the leaders of these interactive sessions to ensure they were transcending the need to ‘sell’ and instead, getting to the heart of the matter for the client. To assist the team to transform the way they were leading the interactive sessions – from simply presenting information to a much more intentional delivery approach and solution that would set them apart from their competition.   Alchimie coached the team to take an open approach, being inquisitive about the Owner’s and Operator’s true concerns and needs, which led to the team being successfully chosen to join the Alliance.

Our clients success

Much to our delight, our Client was successful in being awarded the RSA Alliance. The team were ultimately accountable for their own success – our role was to have them shine and show themselves in the best light. The feedback from the Owner at the conclusion of the process was that this team showed up as the most collaborative team.