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Alchimie thrives on working in long-term partnerships with clients who want to shift their thinking to realise outcomes. We enable our partners to achieve extraordinary team performance by challenging current thinking to unlock true team potential and deliver exceptional success.

Alchimie recognises that our client partners are looking for someone who can help them get straight to the heart of the matter – to identify and address it effectively, in a way that builds mutual trust and team commitment – and to clarify the accountable actions that will lead directly to successful outcomes.

When you partner with Alchimie, we promise to:
  • enable extraordinary team performance to cause exceptional success
  • challenge current thinking and being that may be stuck in old ways of working
  • work with the leaders of teams who need to shift mindsets in order to focus on what matters most for overall team performance
  • establish alignment and inspire accountability around actions that lead to success
  • engage directly with difficult team issues in a light hearted, self-effacing way that avoids confrontation and rewards courageous honesty

Alchimie is a group of highly talented consultants whose frank and respectfully direct approach inspires personal and team revelations that foster heightened self-awareness leading to exceptional success.