Alchimie thrives on working in long-term partnerships with clients who want to shift their thinking to realise outcomes. We enable our partners to achieve extraordinary team performance by challenging current thinking to unlock true team potential and deliver exceptional success.

Alchimie recognises that our client partners don’t want to be lectured to about management theory, nor pay for technical analysis of their issue. We understand they are looking for someone who will go straight to the heart of the matter, identify and address it effectively – in a way that builds mutual trust and team commitment – and clarify the actions that will lead directly to successful outcomes.

When you partner with Alchimie, we promise to:
  • enable extraordinary team performance to cause exceptional success
  • challenge current thinking and attitudes entrenched in narrow, siloed perspectives
  • work with the leaders of teams who need to shift mindsets in order to focus on what matters most for overall team performance
  • establish alignment and inspire accountability around actions that lead to success
  • avoid rhetoric and engage directly with difficult team issues in a light hearted, self-effacing way that avoids confrontation and rewards courageous honesty

Alchimie is a group of highly talented consultants whose frank and respectfully direct approach inspires personal and team revelations that foster heightened self-awareness leading to exceptional success.

At Alchimie, we value the things that our clients tell us matter the most


Our clients tell us they value us for being:
Frank and respectfully direct
  • By having an unwavering commitment to our client’s success, we confront what we see and say what needs to be said
  • By being perceptive and aware, we sense what is going on and bring to the foreground what needs to be noticed and addressed
Trusting and trustworthy
  • By listening without judgement, demonstrating empathy, and working together to find a solution that works
  • By demonstrating integrity – we do what we say we’ll do, every time – no excuses
  • By being invested in our clients’ outcomes – we care about the results that come from our work
Appreciative of their reality
  • By valuing situations and people as they are
  • By caring about people and being compassionate about their context
  • By relating to their world and their issues, as they are, without judgement
Passionate and credible
  • By holding an unwavering commitment to what our clients have said they are committed to – their development and their results
  • We build on our individual and collective wide-ranging industry experience in every interaction we have


We approach our work …
…with curiosity and an open mind
  • We are addicted to the curiosity of development and growth – it is as important as the results achieved
  • We are question makers, not answer givers – we ask questions not to get information but to create new perspectives that lead to clarity and insights
  • We create new perspectives on the learning journey that ensure the transformation sticks
…in a collaborative and grounded way
  • We are pragmatic, grounded and work collaboratively as an integrated part of our clients’ team
  • We work in alignment with our clients’ way of working and operating rhythms
  • We think strategically, shape tactically and execute operationally
  • We help clients shape context and relationships to cause the circumstances and results they want
  • We trust our clients have the answers and that they are uncovered if they have the right conversations, at the right time, with the right mindset
  • We are always clear about what we are creating – the purpose, outcomes and goals our clients are aiming for

Alchimie and Ediom

Alchimie is affiliated with Ediom.

Alchimie and Ediom enable our partners to achieve extraordinary team performance by challenging current thinking to unlock true team potential and deliver exceptional success.

Ediom’s combined experience shows that time and again, fundamental opportunities in the design and engineering space are not realised – projects need the right hands on experience, leadership and expertise to deliver results and transform projects. This is one of the greatest drivers of value in the project lifecyle and Alchimie will partner with you and do this by providing capable leaders with independent expertise from across the industry with an unwavering engineering and design focus.

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