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Success depends on the way you begin

We believe you can have great project outcomes and no disputes by getting procurement right
Engage Hands
How we can help
  • Business case and approvals
  • Procurement strategy
  • Competitive dialogue during procurement
  • Procurement training
  • Selection process design
  • Procurement implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Commercial contractual negotiation
  • Handover and launch
How we add value
  • We help you to convince your stakeholders of the merit of the project (business case) and procurement approach – providing whole of organisation support
  • We build relationships during procurement that allows accelerated delivery mobilisation
  • We coach you to keep using competitive dialogue during procurement
  • We place a real focus on outcomes and momentum
  • We share cutting edge procurement practices, and learnings from across the Asia Pacific region, and across infrastructure, transport and buildings
  • We have a strong willingness to innovate and our credibility frequently gets us approvals for new approaches
  • We focus on de-risking the project (for the client and the proponent) during the bid process
  • We integrate focus on performance and value during the commercial negotiation phase
Our Clients