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Success depends on the way you begin

Level Crossing Removal Program (LXRP)

Our clients need

LXRA was formed in 2015 to implement the Victorian Government’s commitment to remove 50 of Melbourne’s most dangerous road-rail level crossings. To successfully deliver this target, LXRA sought a partner to assist them and facilitate a procurement and delivery engine for projects and programs in rail environments

How we added value

Alchimie partnered with LXRA as procurement facilitator and coach for five separate projects and programs, in a number of key areas:

  • Commercial and strategic advice
  • Staff training and coaching
  • Facilitating bidder interactions
  • Coaching and developing bid teams
  • Advisor and coach during evaluation
Our clients success

LXRA have now successfully launched four program alliances and one design and construct project. Alchimie has been engaged in several additional areas to assist in the maturing of the LXRA organisation and to coach and advise the individual projects.

Engagements have included:

  • Assistance with development of the LXRA Heath and Safety strategy
  • Independent Chair role for one of the project governance boards
  • Coaching of key LXRA staff