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Success depends on the way you begin

Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (DPTI – SA )

Our clients need

Alchimie was engaged as the Procurement Advisor for several major projects and programs in South Australia. These include rail, road and buildings. Alchimie has been integral to the introduction of new procurement methods over the past decade.

How we added value

Alchimie provided a number of services, including:

  • Procurement advice on delivery methods, procurement strategies, procurement models and the whole procurement process
  • Industry briefings and feedback and foundation workshops
  • Facilitation of development workshops between bidders, stakeholders, service providers, councils and DPTI staff and advisors
  • Coaching for key interactions including technical, risk and commercial discussions, through the evaluation panel deliberations including resolution of outstanding program, time, estimating and commercial departures with tenderers
Our clients success

Successful and timely delivery of the procurement process on all projects, with successful introduction of risk sharing and risk allocation models. Targeted procurement has allowed highly competitive pricing of tenders in the SA market that has delivered outstanding value to the people of SA.