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John Holland Group

Our clients need

Alchimie were engaged to support the CEO of John Holland to steer the planning, leadership and execution of the change process during and following acquisition by China Communication and Construction Company.

How we added value

Alchimie’s engagement with John Holland included direct and confronting conversations with the Executive Team so they could lead the successful transition to the new ownership. Alchimie gathered customer and cultural feedback to inform the new business strategy we worked collaboratively with JHG to develop. Once the strategy was developed, Alchimie facilitated the realignment of the organisation, and implementation of the new operating rhythm.

Our clients success

Alchimie’s support enabled John Holland Group to experience many successes, including:

  • Strategic direction and organisational structure to match
  • Turnaround in financial results
  • Unpresented growth in sales revenues
  • Transformation of the business operating model
  • Successful transition to the new operating model