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Does leadership potential depend on willingness to change?

WestConnex - The new M5 project

Our clients need

The WestConnex Project is a mega-project in all senses of the word – the scale is unparalleled in both complexity and turnover. The Executive Committee (EXCO) of the project chose to adopt a values-led leadership approach to ensure the project was delivered successfully. To implement this approach, Alchimie was engaged to assist EXCO develop a leadership framework that would be central to how they would drive consistency in working across all of their teams.

How we added value

We partnered with WestConnex to develop a robust leadership framework – DARE: Discipline, Accountability, Relationships, Empowerment – and clearly defined ways of working for all teams across the project. Following this, we developed and delivered a leadership program to embed the DARE framework and ways of working.

The DARE Framework was then used in practice by teams whenever they discovered an element of any performance that required an intervention. Alchimie partnered with the EXCO to design and facilitate respective interventions when performance opportunities arose.

Our clients success

The Westconnex Project has been able to overcome many challenging obstacles, and in particular create a breakthrough in performance in some key relationships with stakeholders, and in the safety domain.