Our Work

Abigroup and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)

August 2010

Hunter Expressway

Alchimie were engaged for the life of the project as “Strategic Partner” to support the team in developing and sustaining and collaborative and cooperative relationships between contracting parties, and in creating a culture of high performance within the construction team.  The team faced typical challenges of a major earthworks project, not least community relations given the project crossed the wine region of the Hunter Valley. Providing strategic advice to the Project Director for Abigroup, Cameron Silverthorne, and also the Superintendent and Regional Manager for RMS, Alchimie team focused their efforts on provide coaching through one-on-one conversations, and by participating in team meetings. This way, the team were not have to go off site for separate sessions, but rather integrating new mindsets and fresh thinking into their day to The project day activities. afforded Andrew Hutchinson the opportunity to work closely with Construction Supervisors and Superintendents, as well as the Project Engineers. Working with Michael Ward, who was at that time in Evans & Peck, we integrated the strategic and tactical focus of Alchimie with the operational focus of Lean Construction. 

The project is on track to be completed on schedule with excellent report card for the Contractor from RMS.


"Garry et al,

Thanks for a great day on Monday, it was a true success.  It was probably the most enjoyable workshop I’ve ever been involved in and I think it will do wonders with regard to forming and cementing a number of relationships across the project, as well keeping people well and truly focused on the Seven Fundamentals.

Cameron Silverthorne"

Project Director | Hunter Expressway – Kurri Kurri to Branxton | Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd

"Dear Mr. Harrison

I am writing to thank you for providing the concrete industry and the International Grooving and Grinding Association  the opportunity to partner with the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) in conjunction with  the construction of the Hunter Expressway project.  It is very exciting that this project marks the first use of the Next Generation Concrete Surface (NGCS) outside of North America.  It is even more impressive when one considers that this trial may lead to significant RMS pavement design changes and cost savings during the construction phase as well as future maintenance cycles.  This willingness to explore new technologies speaks volumes about the character of the RMS and the people that serve the organization.  On a related note, I must comment on the work ethic and team approach displayed by the RMS staff and project contractor Abigroup (and associated subcontractors).  Never before in all my visits to Departments of Transportation worldwide have I witnessed such a strong team committed to delivering a high quality product, on time, in such a positive atmosphere.  It is refreshing and remarkable.

John H. Roberts"

Executive Director | International Grooving and Grinding Association
12573 Route 9W, West Coxsackie, NY 12192