Wishing you all a fantastic 2015

Posted: 05-01-2015

A happy New Year to all collegues, customers, peers and friends. We wish you all a successful 2015.

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Announcement: Jim Mantle

Posted: 31-03-2014

As of 31st March, Jim Mantle joins Alchimie as Managing Director.  Jim brings over 20 years of professional services, projects and business leadership experience to Alchimie and our clients.  As Managing Director, Jim will lead Alchimie, working alongside our Founder, Andrew Hutchinson, to help client organisations thrive with our increased breadth of services.

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Exciting changes to our Company

Posted: 06-01-2014

Alchimie is pleased to share the exciting changes to our company and the way we operate;

Two new distinct companies;

  • Alchimie Organisations;
  • Alchimie Projects and Operations

Appointment of James Kelly as Managing Director of Alchimie Organisations.

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Infrastructure Investment - By Andrew Hutchinson

Posted: 28-11-2013

There are some encouraging articles in the Australian Financial Review today about the government's strategy for infrastructure. With numerous foreign contactors vying for a foothold in Australia, the market is as competitive as it has been for over a decade, so now is an ideal window of opportunity to invest in critically needed productivity building infrastructure

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Project Leadership - by Andrew Hutchinson

Posted: 23-10-2013

I was recently asked by a client what  distinguishes a Project Leader from a Project Manager. Great question. I am interested in opening this up – so if you have any thoughts on the matter please post them on this blog.

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Launching Our New Website

Posted: 20-06-2013

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website

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